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FORD 94-03 7.3L POWERSTROKE P/N# 041104
Bill of Materials:<
1 Bully Dog 4-Bank Chip
Tools you need:
Flat headed screw-driver
7mm, 10mm sockets
Small knife
Recommended accessories:
Bully Dog Gauges
Flip switch
Rapid Flow Filter & Exhaust

Installation of Bully Dog 4-Bank Chip
Read disclaimer before installation

Remove the key from the ignition and disconnect the battery
  1. Disconnect the wire harness from the computer. The harness is accessed from under the hood, near the firewall close to the driver side fender. There will be a 10mm bolt in the middle of the harness. Loosen the bolt to disconnect the harness from the computer.
  2. On trucks 99-03 you will find the computer inside the cab located behind the parking brake. It can be recognized as a black box about 6"X6"X2". On trucks 94-98 you will find the computer under the hood.
  3. Remove the two 7mm screws holding the plastic cover to the metal bracket near the backside of the computer.
  4. Pull the computer toward the passenger side, removing it from its location

    Note: On standard transmission vehicles, the computer cannot be slid very far to the drivers side, so it may require a large screwdriver to pry the lip on the left side of the plastic cover loose from the mounting bracket.

  5. Once the computer is removed. Remove the black plastic cover from the porthole. This porthole is where the chip will eventually be installed.
  6. Remove the six screws that hold the covers over the circuit board. Use a small knife or screwdriver and then a Scotch Brite Pad. Remove the grease and clear coat from the prong contacts. Be sure not to damage contacts in any way. It is absolutely imperative that there is no plastic film left on the prong contacts.
  7. If the optional flip switch has been purchased, plug it into the four pin connector on the Bully Dog chip.
  8. Insert the Bully Dog Chip into the connector, making sure it fits tight. It may be desirable that the plastic computer cover be cut to make the routing of the switch wire easier. Run the wire for the switch to the desired location for the switch. Drill a hole for the switch and remove the nut and washer making sure that the second washer with the tab does not fall out. If this washer does come out, place it into the third hole (clockwise) from the flat hole. If the washer is in the correct position, the switch will only have 4 positions. Replace the nut to hold the switch in place.
  9. Attach provided protective cover label to ECM
  10. Install the computer back into the vehicle.
  11. Turn the key and check to see if the "wait to start" light appears to be operating correctly. If the light operates correctly, start the motor. If not, re-clean the edge connectors.
  12. Close the hood, drive, and smile.

    Final Note:
    95% of the associated problems with no start or poor running problems are from bad connections due to the connection being clean. Only the CARB programs are legal for road use.